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Family Reading Night Themes

12 years 9 months ago #153669 by Lisa @ PTO Today
Replied by Lisa @ PTO Today on topic Re:Family Reading Night Themes
Your reading night sounded AWESOME!

We would love to see you photos. Here's how upload them:

- Go to the Family Reading Night Group page:

- Scroll down to the photo gallery and click upload photos. It walks you through the process.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me: lgundlach@ptotoday.

Happy to help. Great job on your FRN event!


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12 years 9 months ago #153670 by maggiorepfo
Thank you! I figured it out and they are posted. Again thank you!!!
12 years 7 months ago #154326 by All 4 my1
Replied by All 4 my1 on topic Re:Family Reading Night Themes
We are planning a "Reading Round-Up" night. We plan on having a chili supper with mock smores, free Build a Book to all students, a book reading by a local reader and also be promoting our Schoolastic Book Fair. We are planning this event in February during our book fair week. We hope to have a fun, successful family event!
12 years 7 months ago #154328 by Lisa @ PTO Today
Replied by Lisa @ PTO Today on topic Re:Family Reading Night Themes
Sounds like a wonderful family event, All 4 my1!

We'd love to see photos of your event and have you share your experience on our Family Reading Night Group page when it's all over:


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12 years 7 months ago #154365 by hammydee
We are tying our Family Reading Night into our Scholastic Book Fair too. We sponsor the book fair all week during school hours but will bring the carts to the gym the night of the fair. Many parents who work do not get the opportunity to shop the book fair; now they can! Our's is a simple theme of sharing stories, like you would around a camp fire. Families can bring blankets to sit on. We live in Charleston, SC so we are having a dynamic Gullah (native African Americans who live in the lowcountry) storyteller come to open the event. A mock fire is being built in the middle of the gym floor (logs, tissue paper and flashlights). We are offering simple snacks of s'mores snack mix which we are making ourselves and bagging (chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and goldfish grahams) with bottled water for free. After the story telling, kids can make bookmarks or sit in the reading corner where MS students will partner up with the elementary ones and read to them or families can enjoy a book together. Then everyone can depart home ready for bedtime!
12 years 5 months ago #155055 by Theresa
Replied by Theresa on topic Re:Family Reading Night Themes
Our reading night theme was It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a Book. Book stations centered around heroes.
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