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Teacher appreciation candy bar poem

19 years 3 months ago #64410 by mum24kids
Around the time of teacher appreciation week, someone posted a candy bar poem for teachers--I think they put the poem up on a poster or display board, and pasted the candy bars on it, then had a big bucket of candy for the teachers in the lounge. Whoever it was had taken one poem that had been around for awhile, and expanded on it quite nicely. I can't find that posting now to save my life, and I'm pretty sure that it was different from the various survival kits and Diane's list of teacher gifts. Does anyone know what I'm talking about??
19 years 3 months ago #64411 by Dinee
I don't know if this is the Bulletin Board idea or note, but this was on my add on file.

       You are all <SweetTarts> for all you teach our children.
       You deserve <100 Grand> every <Payday>.
       We know sometimes our kids act like <Airheads> & <Nerds> or like they're from <Mars> (we do, too!)
       You bring them <AlmondJoy> when you teach about the <Whatchamacallit> and ignore their <Whoppers>.
       We really <Skor> to have such a great staff at (School Name).
       <U-NO> we think you're great! 
19 years 3 months ago #64412 by shirley3
Replied by shirley3 on topic RE: Teacher appreciation candy bar poem
I don't know where I found it, but the teachers thought it was great. I have more, I'll look for it and then post it. I typed it out on the computer, cut out the words and then attached it tag board and then to cord board. All the teachers loved it. I hope you willenjoy it also.

Dear Mrs. Skenzich,

I have to admit; Katrina got a little (NUTRAGEOUS) when she found out
she had you for a teacher. Rumor had it that you gave out (MOUNDS) of
homework. But when she actually saw how much you did give, she thought
her eyes were playing (TWIX) on her, and she was doing lots of (FLIPZ) in
frustration. It was (GOOD AND PLENTY). It turns out that you were a
(LIFESAVER) because her (SKORS)’s were so high. When I saw her grades,
I thought I had (DOTS) in front of my eyes, because she did so well. So, as
thanks to you, we are going to Mr. (WHATCHAMACALLIT) and ask him
to give you a bonus of, let’s say on (100 GRAND), on (PAYDAY) for being
such a Great Teacher. Have a (CAREFREE) week and here’s a few (NIPS)
for you to enjoy either (NOW OR LATER).


Katrina and her family
19 years 3 months ago #64413 by Dinee
I love that idea and hope others will borrow it too, and expand upon the fun!

A "Dear Teacher" post for all the teachers to enjoy in the teachers lounge, would be awesome and bring a smile to all their eyes one fun day.
19 years 3 months ago #64414 by Dinee
Ohhhh, this might just be the one you were looking for:


Thank you, teachers! You are all <SweetTarts> for everything you teach our children. You deserve <100 Grand>every <Payday>. We know sometimes our kids act like <Airheads> and <Nerds> or like they're from somewhere beyond the <Milky Way> (us parents, too!). You bring them such <Almond Joy> when you teach about the <Whatchamacallit> and ignore their <Whoppers>. It must be hard to contain your <Snickers> when those little <Sugar Babies> tell you <Mounds> of <Nutrageous> stories. Sometimes it must seem that all you do is <Skor> papers. Most days you probably want to make like <Baby Ruth> and just run home! Thanks, teachers, for <Raisin> our children to a higher level. You are the <Riesen> they're <Smarties> instead of <Dum Dums>. You are <LifeSavers> — you're worth a <Mint> to us all, and we <Treasure> all you do. We couldn't <Chewz> a better group of teachers than you!! Have an <Extra> <Carefree> weekend.

With <Hugs> and <Kisses>, The Parents of (School Name)"
19 years 3 months ago #64415 by mum24kids
Bingo! I love the other ones, too, but you're right, dcd--that is the one I remember. Thanks a bunch! :D
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