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Teacher appreciation candy bar poem

17 years 2 months ago #130994 by
Replied by on topic RE: Teacher appreciation candy bar poem
Does anyone have any candy poem ideas for secretary's day?
17 years 4 months ago #127230 by volunteermomo3
Excellent idea, I can not wait to do this!
17 years 6 months ago #64428 by
Replied by on topic RE: Teacher appreciation candy bar poem
does anyone have a candy/board idea for a christmas theme?
17 years 8 months ago #64427 by Lori119
Replied by Lori119 on topic RE: Teacher appreciation candy bar poem
My husband and I lead a Christian life group. I've adapted the poem as follows for our retreat:

We just wanted to take a FastBreak to share with you what you mean to us… You are all SweetTarts and bring us such Almond Joy to be doing life together. You have all been LifeSaver’s to us and our time together has been Good & Plenty. I we could pay you all 100 Grand, we would – and what a sweet PayDay it would be – a real Skor! We’ve had Mounds of Snickers and some real Nutrageous times on our cruises. Remember the Whatchamacallit in Xcaret?! The Rieson we’re all here is to Treasure the Nuggets of Carefree time and spend some Extra Special time together. Relax, let your thoughts wander – be an AirHead for awhile – enjoy some Zero stress time - when the weekend is over, we can Kiss and Hug put on our Smarties hat, and go back home. We hope you’ll Take 5 minutes Now & Later to reflect on our time together, be blessed, and give thanks for each member of our group and their important Rolo in your lives. Staples Life Group – Life – it’s what we do. It has a nice Ring to it, don’t you think?!
17 years 9 months ago #64426 by Rockne
Yup -- good advice is to write the name of the candy (under the real deal) or draw a picture of the candy or include an empty wraper of that candy (instead of the real deal) on your poster.

If you do either of the latter, then you can have a bucket of all those candies with the poster and you have your nice poster and the nice candy give-away combined.


PTO Today Founder
17 years 9 months ago #64425 by
Replied by on topic RE: Teacher appreciation candy bar poem
I am thinking of using the candy bar poem and fully expect the teachers to eat it!! Is it for the teachers or is it for everyone else to look and say "Wow, they did a really nice job on that"
I think we need to remember the motivation for what we do-the reward doesn't always come back to us. The purpose of this one is to thank the teachers-let them eat it!
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