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Teacher appreciation candy bar poem

16 years 9 months ago #133139 by Abby's Mom
Replied by Abby's Mom on topic RE: Teacher appreciation candy bar poem
Tomorrow is Talent Show day for my daughter's class. I searched online for a teacher appreciation poem that my daughter could read. I love that I found this candy poem! I switched it around a little so that it would be from her and her class instead of parents. Thank you all for the idea! We are going to put the whole thing on a poster board for her.

You are worth a MINT for all you have taught us this year! You should get 100 GRAND every PAYDAY!
We know that sometimes we act like AIRHEADS, NERDS or like we are from MARS. But you have brought us such ALMOND JOY teaching us about all those WHATCHAMACALLITS!
Some days we have told you lots of WHOPPERS and MOUNDS of NUTRAGEOUS stories, but you never called us DUMDUMS or SUGARBABIES or said we had to be from the MILKYWAY. You are the REISEN we are all SMARITES. You are a LIFESAVER and a SWEETTART!
Have an EXTRA, CAREFREE summer!!
16 years 9 months ago #132350 by cacljb

mompresident;64417 wrote: I just did the sign that Dinee mentions in this post. I hung the sign up Monday Night in our Teacher Lounge and went to school Tuesday during the day and the teachers had already started eating the candy. Those of you that have done this. How do you keep the Teachers from eating the candy the first day you hang it up. Most of the Teachers hadn't even read it before piece were missing.

We did the poster with the candy and put it in the Teacher's Lounge. Then, with all of the extra candy (because you only use one on the sign, so you will have lots left over), we put it in bowls next to the sign for them to eat. That way they left the candy on the sign alone. This worked great! Hope this helps.
16 years 9 months ago #132193 by Rockne
Candy poem (and tons of additional bonus "stuff") available here:


PTO Today Founder
16 years 9 months ago #132188 by Fudd
I made the poem poster last year. My teachers did eat the candy --- BUT they slit the candy wrappers and took just the candy so everyone could still read the poem.
16 years 10 months ago #131148 by oregonmomof3
I made a poster for the teachers when they came back in August, they loved it and thought it was a very cute Idea!!
16 years 10 months ago #131010 by Abby's Mom
Replied by Abby's Mom on topic RE: Teacher appreciation candy bar poem
I'm using the candy bar poem that was posted and am making a little bag with each of the candies mentioned for each teacher and placing the poem on the outside of the bag. I might make a big poster of it to that was a really cute idea. Thanks
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