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Teacher appreciation candy bar poem

17 years 6 months ago #64416 by Dinee
btt (bring to the top) cuz I know lots a folks are looking for this again!


Thank you, teachers! You are all <SweetTarts> for everything you teach our children. You deserve <100 Grand> every <Payday>. We know sometimes our kids act like <Airheads> and <Nerds> or like they're from somewhere beyond the <Milky Way> (us parents, too!). You bring them such <Almond Joy> when you teach about the <Whatchamacallit> and ignore their <Whoppers>. It must be hard to contain your <Snickers> when those little <Sugar Babies> tell you <Mounds> of <Nutrageous> stories. Sometimes it must seem that all you do is <Skor> papers. Most days you probably want to make like <Baby Ruth> and just run home! Thanks, teachers, for <Raisin> our children to a higher level. You are the <Riesen> they're <Smarties> instead of <Dum Dums>. You are <LifeSavers> — you're worth a <Mint> to us all, and we <Treasure> all you do. We couldn't <Chewz> a better group of teachers than you!! Have an <Extra> <Carefree> weekend.

With <Hugs> and <Kisses>, The Parents of (School Name)"

( the80lady : I got the original idea from this wonderful site, and expanded on it after a visit down my local grocery store candy aisle! I typed it in my largest font, then did a cut and paste onto a large posterboard, leaving room for the candy. Be sure to use a strong double-stick tape so the candies don't fall off. I put the poster on an easel in the main lobby for all to see upon entering the building. All the parents, kids, and teachers loved it!! Afterwards, I took the candy off and put it all in a bowl in the Teacher Lounge for them to munch on. I hope you and your teachers enjoy it! Gale")
17 years 6 months ago #64417 by Durbin president
Replied by Durbin president on topic RE: Teacher appreciation candy bar poem
I just did the sign that Dinee mentions in this post. I hung the sign up Monday Night in our Teacher Lounge and went to school Tuesday during the day and the teachers had already started eating the candy. Those of you that have done this. How do you keep the Teachers from eating the candy the first day you hang it up. Most of the Teachers hadn't even read it before piece were missing.
17 years 6 months ago #64418 by smenny13
I can not believe they would eat it!!!!!! I would be pretty upset.

I also just did the sign. I hung mine up in a spot by the office (I wanted all the kids and parents to see it too) and this area is also blocked off by a short fencce and the kids know they are not allowed in there.
It has worked fine so far. Friday I will put it in the lounge for the teachers to eat!!
17 years 6 months ago #64419 by Rockne
When designing the poster, could you put the name of the candy in small print and parentheses in the spot where the candy is going to go?

That way if a bar or two disappears, folks can still make sense of the sign.


PTO Today Founder
17 years 6 months ago #64420 by <MichelleinTX>
Replied by <MichelleinTX> on topic RE: Teacher appreciation candy bar poem
Another idea is to just use the candy wrapper on the sign. Then you could purchase any kind of candy to put in a bowl for the teachers. The candy they eat wouldn't necessarily have to match the sign.
17 years 6 months ago #64421 by Durbin president
Replied by Durbin president on topic RE: Teacher appreciation candy bar poem
Thanks for the ideas. I have taken the sign down for this year and will try again next year with the empty candy wrappers on the sign.

smenny13 believe me I am pretty upset about the whole situation. I thought it was common sense not to eat the candy on the first day. Guess I was wrong. My other officers think I should have put a sign up saying Please don't eat the sign until Friday after 3:40 p.m. (That is what time school gets out.)
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