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Homemade traveling trophies for Box Tops program. Incorporated the school symbol into the trophy design.
Downloads: 260
If you like my "crazy" BT4E spreadsheet 2012 & 2013 versions, you'll love this one.
Downloads: 8054 hot icon
This is for the schools with an Eagle as their mascot. I put this on shirts for one of my contests.
Downloads: 229
This can be applied to small telescopes or flashlights from Oriental Trading using Avery 18667.
Downloads: 181
These are the buses from btfe clipart and can be put on Avery labels. I stick them on the small white flashlights from Oriental Trading.
Downloads: 392
This is a Goal Thermometer we will be using this school year.
Downloads: 687
New improve version with "Boys vs Girls" tabs, updated calculator, up to 30 classes per grade.
Downloads: 9527 hot icon
This is a great way to count to 50 Box Tops when you are preparing your shipment. I printed mine on card stock and then laminated at Staples for $2.No
Downloads: 1773 hot icon
This is a crazy Box Top spreadsheet that keeps track of all students who bring in Box Tops by class, grade, week, month and year to date.
Downloads: 8778 hot icon
Help keep track of box tops counts for the month and year by class. Makes it real easy on yourself to which class wins by month or by year
Downloads: 1018 hot icon
Partial List of Grocery Stores where you can earn Bonus Box Tops as a part of the stores frequent shopper cards.
Downloads: 631
The Boxtopoly Game board that was made for our classroom collection contest.
Downloads: 867
Having not seen another goal poster that I was totally sold on, I decided to create my own. Instead of a thermometer, I use a Ziploc bag image that wi
Downloads: 918 hot icon
Downloads: 469
Box Top Submission Calculator
Downloads: 6407 hot icon
BoxTops Goal Thermometer *EDIT*
Downloads: 5271 hot icon
8 1/2 x 11" Box Tops Poster with logo and goal thermometer.
Downloads: 4288 hot icon
Here's a picture of the Boxtopoly bulletin board I made last year. Imagine it on a light blue background.
Downloads: 2501 hot icon
Box Tops Poster school wide contest. The class with the most Box Tops wins pizza/movie party
Downloads: 3002 hot icon
This is a good way to keep track of your goal for the year. Simply input the amout you have and the meter will adjust itself
Downloads: 1780 hot icon

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