Start the new calendar year right with these suggestions for January parent group activities.


  • January is Get Organized Month; begin by putting together a to do list for the year to come.
    Get Organized for a Smooth Second Half of the School Year

  • Get ahead of the dreaded midyear slump with our free guide to reenergizing your parent group at the midyear point.

  • Holiday shop results: Discuss and record what worked and what didn’t.

  • With so many kids getting new electronic devices for the holidays, January is a great time to plan a Family Tech Talk Night at your school.

  • When is your school’s 100th day of school? (It falls in January or February in most districts.) Talk with the principal about what role the PTO can play in celebrating this milestone.
    17 Ways To Mark the 100th Day of School

  • Inventory the PTO supply closet. Put away fall items and get ready for the spring season.

  • Cold and flu season isn’t over yet—remind parents of the procedures for sick students and other ways they can minimize illnesses.
    Preventing Cold and Flu: What PTOs Can Do

  • Invite the superintendent to an upcoming meeting as a guest speaker to discuss district happenings.

  • Plan a leadership meeting, and ask board members and committee chairpeople to brainstorm ways to increase involvement.
    26 Ways To Build Involvement

  • Determine what positions will be opening up on the executive board and among committee chairpeople. Start identifying key candidates to fill those roles.
    Officer Transition: Planning Ahead

  • Do a midyear budget check. Review revenues from fall fundraisers and make budget adjustments for spring, if necessary.
    Midyear Budget Review

  • Begin publicizing scheduled spring events and make sure that chairpeople are in place.

Don’t stall out! Reenergize involvement for the second half of the year

Originally posted in 2010 and updated regularly.

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