Neat that some folks in Minnesota think that parent involvement in education is so important, that they set aside an entire month to celebrate it!   According to this recent article, October is Minnesota Parent Involvement Month --  a time to celebrate the powerful role parents play in their children’s education.  Wouldn't it be nice if every state did this?

But I guess I am preaching to the choir! We know if you are on this site you care a tremendous amount about being involved in your child's education. Bet you wish there were more parents at your school that shared your passion! If you're nodding your head, check out our Parent Involvement Toolkit! And remember, it doesn't hurt to remind parents - again- why involvement matters.
parents will be able to nominate their school in a statewide Family-Friendly School contest, find fun ideas on a family activities calendar, and take part in a variety of school activities highlighting the importance of parents being involved in their child’s education