Question: Duel Signatures

Is it typical to have a "limit" on the requirement for duel check signing? For example, our budget is approved during the initial GMM. Each line item is reviewed and the largest item is funding field trips. The Pto pays for the bus transportation, which in most cases - we write a check directly to the district for the bus. The district requires specific paperwork and a trip ID which must be signed off by the Vice Principal - in these cases, does the check require 2 signatures? Also - at every PTO meeting a monthly reconciliation is submitted to the board for review. thank you

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
You can set your own rules for when a check requires two signers. Typically, groups require all checks to have two signatures or they require that all checks over a minimum amount (say $50 or $100) require two signatures. If you have that rule, we recommend that you stick to it. It's a wise financial control, and you shouldn't cut corners.

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