Question: Father Daughter Dance

We are putting together our first father daughter dance and looking for ideas

Asked by Collegewood



Advice from PTO Today

Patty C @ PTO Today writes:
Hi Michelle, Some themes for your dance: 50’s sock hop, academy awards (with a photographer to shoot those red carpet entrances), square dance or country line dancing, or a 70’s themed disco night or tropical luau. Something to think about: Many groups now opt to call these events (keeping all family dynamics in mind) Guys and Dolls Night, Me and My Guy etc. to encourage full participation from those daughters who may have other special males in their lives (grandfather, uncle, etc.) You'll want to determine a budget and see what that allows for food, venue and entertainment (DJ, band?) you can offer. Now, as far as activities during the dance (besides dancing of course): Most dads/adult males enjoy fun challenges and games etc., and are not afraid to ham it up and give a performance. So consider offering a few activities along those lines that offer healthy competition and a few laughs. Some contests: Elvis impersonations, sports trivia, best mullet, twist contest, limbo, best air-guitar or even a karaoke sing-off. Consider starting your planning with a survey to get some ideas (i.e. music, food, theme etc.) to see which ones they’d like at the event. With any luck you might end up with a few willing dads/males (a DJ? a caterer perhaps??) who can help out on your dance committee, or even better, plant the seed for a club at school just for them. Don’t be afraid to call on that dad at school who’s also the scout master, or any other male you know to be deeply networked)-these types can usually line up a crew of helpers for you in a hurry! Have fun and let us know how it turns out!

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