Question: School Board Official chair of nominating committee for PTO officer slate?

Is it a conflict of interest for an elected (in district) School Board official to be the chairperson of the nominating committee for one of its schools PTO's?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I don't see any inherent conflict. I think it's great to have a school board member who's active in the PTO. That seems like a win-win to me -- good for your group to have someone on the school board who understands your issues and good for the school board to have a member who is working closely with parents.

Community Advice

bobf writes:
Thanks. That is great that we are in agreement! There is some scutlebutt in my town about a very outstanding member of our pto's executive board having a conflict of interest just because she happens to be on the school board. I know her personally and know that she would never abuse her power as a school board member while serving on one of the districts pto's. For example, she has gone out of her way as chairperson of the ptos nominating committee to propose an amendment to change our bylaws to extend the term limits of pto officers to 3 years that she thinks are good for us. We are lucky to have someone serving us in this capacity. Gives us an "in" with the board, and they have an "in" with us. It is perfect. Thanks again.

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