Question: How do we remove an unfit president from our PTO board?

Our PTO is under an unfit, unilateral leadership right now and we would like to remove this person from the board position of President. I’ll spare you all the specific examples of how this person is unfit, and, instead just tell you that the currently serving President: 1. Is not fulfilling the responsibilities as described in the PTO bylaws - has been absent for board and general meetings - is not present for key PTO sponsored school events 2. Is spending PTO money - without first consulting the board members/treasurer - without accounting for how it’s being spent - has distributed PTO money against the board’s vote not to 3. Has independently removed another elected board member from her position without a vote from the remaining board or the general members 4. Has dispersed unprofessional material at meetings and has posted it on the PTO social media page 5. Has caused discord between PTO board and school staff because of poor/lack of communication, disorganization and impudence 6. And on, and on, and on… The entire board wants this person removed or all of the remaining board members will resign. In fact, one member has already resigned (her position has not yet been filled). We are a young school/PTO, only having been open and operating for less than five years. The members of this year’s board are all brand new, with the exception of two members who were on the board last year (the President is new this year). The previous years’ PTO boards were great – worked well together and ran smoothly without problems. The school Principal is aware of the concerns and wishes of the board members, as well as the inappropriate actions the President has committed. However, no action has been taken. The Principal told us, “it’s the board’s decision to remove the President, therefore, the board will have to take action.” The problem is, there is nothing written into our bylaws guiding us on what to do to remove the President. We’re at a loss. What would you suggest we do at this point? Everyone resign, leaving the President to manage completely alone? Hold a board member vote to remove the President? Create a team to investigate and confirm the wrong-doings, then vote? I’m interested to know your thoughts. Thanks!

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CherylB writes:
Hi there,

Sounds like you have your hands full, I think you need to take a look at your bylaws and maybe re-write them. Has anyone tried speaking to the president, maybe one on one and see what her thoughts are? Reminding her that you are doing this work for the good of the kids. If that does not work you may need to take a vote with your members if there is not anything in your bylaws. Here are a few articles to read and hopefully help you and

Good luck-Cheryl PTO Today

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