Question: Removal of Officer Questions

If the bylaws state that there can be a removal of officer with 2/3 vote, how do you go about facilitating that? You cannot give notice 2 weeks prior to that you wish to "oust" one of the officers? I assume in the meeting, somoene can just stand up and make a motion? How has it been done in the past? Silent vote or show of hands? Do you allow that officer to be present for the voting? Do you ask them to leave?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
You can and should give notice. First of all, you shouldn't be trying to dump an officer unless there has been a persistent problem or series of problems that you've addressed with her over time and they haven't been worked out -- or there's been some major misconduct like theft. In either case, the person you're going to remove should have a chance to prepare and make her case if she chooses. She should be made aware of what's going to happen, not blindsided at a meeting and suddenly find herself out of office. That would open the door to abuse--what would keep a group of people with a grudge from going en masse to, say, your typically least attended meeting of the year and voting out any of your officers they don't like? You should call the person in question and let her know in advance what's going to happen. Then include an item on your published agenda like "proposal to vacate the vice president's office and hold new elections." During the meeting you hold discussion on the issue and give the person a chance to speak. You don't remove her from the room. And the vote should be by secret (paper) ballot.

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