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Our PTO is considering making an amendment to our by-laws to allow for email votes on issues that arise between general meetings. Has anyone had any issues with this (good &/or bad)? Does anyone have any sample wording for allowing voting by email? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

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Pammom3b writes:
No I was looking for something similiar to this, because right now we are a new school, so the bylaws are currently being written and I am wondering if we need wording to not allow or to allow email voting in between meetings for things that come up...

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scottranch writes:
Here is how our bylaws read: ARTICLE VI: MEMBERSHIP Membership shall be automatically granted to all parents and guardians of CGES/MS students currently attending classes, plus all teachers, staff, and administration at CGES/MS. There are no membership dues. Members have voting privileges, one vote per household. Absentee or proxy votes are not allowed. In the event that there may be issues that need to be resolved prior to a regular meeting, those items may be emailed to the general membership and voted on prior to the meeting with a consensus serving as the majority.

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momtofour writes:
We use it with items that require minimal discussion.Discussion via email does not work for us. Here's what works for us--- The Secretary documents/reports any email voting that happened via email at the next meeting. We put a $ limit because we felt large expenditures should be discussed in person. Here's what our bylaws reads; e. Use a phone or email vote to expedite business in between meetings not to exceed $1,000.00. An effort should be made to contact all Board members. Majority needed for approval. f. Email communication- Shall be used to expedite business, relay information or be used for announcements. Discussions shall be limited to regular, general or special meetings.

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