Question: High School PTO

Other than fundraising and faculty/staff appreciation, what are some other functions of a high school PTO. It seems our high schoo PTO is always conflicting with other groups.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
The role of the PTO definitely changes at the high school level, and it's often different from school to school, depending on the strengths and needs of other organizations. One primary role that PTOs often play is providing communication with parents about what's going on at school. You may not be sponsoring the blood drive or the fundraiser to send kids to Washington, but you help publicize it and support it. High school PTOs also often provide assistance to clubs and student groups as needed. The chess club may not be able to afford a new computer program that teaches chess, but the PTO can help out. A few other things some high schools do: organize enrichment activities, create a graduation celebration, plan a diversity week or similar themed learning experience, sponsor a prom dress swap, organize landscaping and other school beautification. You might find some ideas on our middle schools page. Middle schools, although different from high schools, face some of the same involvement challenges.

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