Question: form 1023 application

I see it is 30 pages long and just skimming over it quickly it looks like a lot does not pertain to a PTO. Can anyone tell me what pages I need so I can just print those off and not all 30pages. Thank you.

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Craig writes:
You're right that form 1023 is written to encompass a lot of different types of organizations, so a lot of it doesn't pertain to PTOs. However, you must answer every question, even if it's to put N/A. You should think about getting our PTO Start-up Toolkit. It walks you through the application question by question and also includes a lot of information about other steps of organizing a PTO, such as writing bylaws, constitution, incorporating, etc. And one word of advice -- You should incorporate before you file for 501c3. The IRS considers an organization new when it incorporates. Thus, if you file for 501c3 first and incorporate later, you'll have to refile for 501c3 status.

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