Question: Website and PTO Bylaws

We are in the final stages of rolling out our PTO Website and we are very excited about this!!! The Procedures and Quidelines have been developed. Does this need to be added to the Bylaws. If so, how do we go about doing this? Thank you.

Asked by Joyce Lande



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Your bylaws should cover the most important organizational points for your PTO -- what officers you elect, when elections are held, how many times a year you will hold general meetings, how many members you need for a quorum. Your bylaws should also include a section on how to amend them. Typically you would require a two-thirds vote and that members receive advance notice of the vote so they can make arrangements to attend. Your website procedures and guidelines don't need to be incorporated into your bylaws. Put them in a binder for the webmaster and anyone else who will be posting on the site. Make sure that binder is updated as the policies and procedures change. That way you'll always have a current record, and it will much easier for someone else to take over the job in the future.

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