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Our President resigned which according to our bylaws our VP would assume the role and assign the other position(s). However our current VP just served 2 consecutive 1 year terms as President and our Bylaws state you can only serve 2 consecutive terms. So what do we do?!? Which Bylaw trumps in this case??

Asked by sueannephillips



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Rose H writes:
Hi sueannephillips!
It would seem that if you really need someone to step up and president (and all groups do!!) an no one else is waiting in the wings, then it would make sense for the VP to step up. We understand what you are saying about the bylaws and consecutive terms, but you want someone to get things moving forward at back to school time. It would make sense to take a look at the bylaw language and consider giving it a tweak. Lots of groups have the language about consecutive terms, but also say something along the lines of "unless no other candidate or person is available to take the position.''

Hope that helps!

Community Advice writes:
Our president resigned and there was no vice president we only had a secretary and treasure. I did not have an election but our secretary is willing to assume the role of president can this happen with a vote if they were asked by someone on the board already

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