Question: All bosrd members resigning

Our president quit without any reason or warning. We all wanted to resign because of her before she quit and our bylaws say we need 4 on our quorum to vote on anything, as of now we only have 3. What can we do? The president is now laughing saying we can do anything, not even dissolve the PTO, even though we dont want it and we cant vote anyone in either. Im at a loss and just want out but Im not the type of to person to bail on everyone. Please someone help!

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Advice from PTO Today

Liz L writes:
Hi there - what a tough situation! In general, anything regarding the group as a whole -- like disbanding -- should be voted on by the whole group, not just the board. As far as a quorum, in general that refers to the number present at a properly called meeting -- again, not just the board.
So if you truly want to disband, I suggest you call a meeting and vote of the larger group.
Good luck. Liz from PTO Today

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