Question: parent involement

hi was looking at the family nights u have listed they sound good do have any other ideas for family night that have worked well trying to get funds to buy lic for movie night may not be affordable now would like to get parents to come to school any ideas

Asked by tankfish



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Hi Tankfish -- A lot of groups fund their movie license by selling food on the night of the movie. Family Reading Night is a terrific event that usually draws a crowd, especially if you bring in some guest readers like the mayor, fire chief, or quarterback from the local college or high school team. Go Green Night is fun and hits on a hot topic that parents are interested in. And we're in the process of revising Internet Safety Night. If you're looking for something different, a gym night with fun activities like an obstacle course or jump rope competition to get kids moving can be popular. Math night and science night take some work and help from teachers, but they're very worthwhile. You could also have a student art show and combine it with an ice cream social or pot luck supper.

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