Question: Before/After School Program Participation

Our PTA offers before/after school programs to our students. We have been asked if a child that does not attend our school can enroll in one of the programs. Our initial answer is no, but another family that has a child in another school, but has that child in the SACC at our school, has asked. This complicates the issue some, so I thought I would ask for other's opinions on this.

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mum24kids writes:
We used to let people from other schools participate. We had low enrollment numbers for our classes, so if this helped us reach the minimum, it worked out great. We only had one or two people ever ask about it. Usually it was because they had a sibling in our school.

On the off chance you are in Fairfax County (I think SACC is a somewhat unique term to FCPS, but maybe not-School Age Child Care for everyone else out there)--it's most common to get these requests for FLEX classes (foreign language), because FLEX registration is open to everyone in the county. Since FLEX wasn't under our control, we couldn't do anything about it anyway, but had several kids from other school participate at our school's program.

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