Question: Mother Son Night Event

We are sponsoring a mother son night. It is to be a sit down dinner buffet and magic show. Decorations will be a magic theme. Not sure what though.The grades 1-5. We also like to give "gifts" to all the boys. In the past we have found that we need an activity to hold the children's attention while they wait for everyone to finish eating. Any ideas? Guessing games? i.e. guess how many candies in a jar? Short Bingo game, Jokes???? Any ideas for this as well as decorations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Asked by Snookie



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
One fun game is to show childhood photos of teachers and staff and ask people to guess who's who. This can be done with a projector or on a TV with a fairly large screen, or if you don't mind people moving around, you could post the photos on a wall. You could also do school-specific trivia. Or have someone read a short story that matches your theme.

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