Question: By Laws Table of Contents

We do not need to change our By Laws, but we have noticed that the Table of Contents does not match the Articles and Sections in the By Laws. When we change the Table of Contents, is this considered an amendment?

Asked by RondiPete



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mum24kids writes:
I'm not a lawyer. (The guy sitting on the couch in the next room trying to watch TV while I ask him yet another parent group question is, though.) So there's a legal answer and a practical answer. If the table of contents was actually filed with the bylaws (which is kind of questionable), then technically yes, it is an amendment. But the bylaws are the bylaws, and the fact that the table of contents is wrong really has no bearing on anything. So really, who is going to care? I wouldn't file an amendment just to change the table of contents. Fix it, make a note of it, then when you really do need to change the bylaws for something substantive, file everything as an amendment then.

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