Question: Board member vs non board member

In the absence of a pta secretary can a non board member take her place or does it need to be a board member?

Asked by lisav



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
It can be a non board member. If you want to be formal about it, Robert's Rules calls for a temporary secretary to be voted on at the meeting. That would work something like this: "Sarah has agreed to fill in as secretary for the night. Do I hear a motion to approve Sarah as temporary secretary for tonight?" Any member can fill the role.

Community Advice

Parttimeparli writes:
This is where unanimous consent should be used. The chair of the meeting states "if there is no objection Susie smith will be our secretary for this meeting". The chair pauses to listen for an objection- hearing none she then states "Susie , please take the minutes".

Community Advice

wkiwaha808 writes:
Hawaii State law says that in the absence of the Secretary, another member can serve as a Secretary (except the President). In our PTO, they don't have to be elected. He or she can simply appoint someone willingly (according to our bylaws).

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