Question: list of corporate sponsors?

Our school is working on an auction and we are looking for companies that will sponsor or donate big prizes. Is there somewhere that I can find a list of companies that support schools? Thanks

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mtchard writes:
I don't have a list of any national sponsors but there are some good places to try. Think of businesses that may not have a product/service to donate but would still like to support local schools. For example, a car dealership may not give you a car but you can look to them for a sponsorship for advertising. (Usually the service department is separate and you can get a donation of services from them). We've also had luck with banks, investment services, pediatric clinics, pediatric dentists and orthodontists (if only we could get a full set of braces but no luck there yet). I find that sponsorships generally take more time to obtain because they need to look it over and/or run it up the chain of command so start early. Also, having several levels along with what is included (i.e. bigger signs, tickets to the event, listings in the brochure) for each level helps. Good luck with your event.

Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Check out the message board thread called The Ultimate Donation List. PTO leaders have shared their experience with dozens of companies.

Community Advice

Stephi writes:
If you are going the corp. route make sure you start early and fill as much out as you can! Disney, Keurig, and Books a million are a few that I can think of off the top of my head that donated to us. They all have forms that you can fill out online. I agree with mtchard, local companies are more likely to give. We had a dentist office give us a huge basket with a high dollar gift card in it for their office!! The local resturaunts will donate if you approach them with it as an opportunity to get their name out and reach a crowd. Good luck!

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