Question: If our PTO is inactive as 501(3)c can we have a fundraiser and is this a fundraiser?

3 years ago all officers resigned and we've had no meetings, minutes, etc. for 3 years. we did not dissolve the organization, though, but our 501(3)c status is 'inactive' with the IRS. We've had citizens donate $ to us to use for our school festival and deposited it into our account and then spent that exact $ donated on what it was donated for. But I don't call this a fundraiser. Is it a fundraiser or not? And can we have a fundraiser while we are inactive but not dissolved?

Asked by firefighter464



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Is your group incorporated? If so, you should check with the state corporations office regarding what you are allowed to do on inactive status. The easiest way around the issue is to organize any fundraiser or event in the name of the school and to deposit money you collect into the school's account rather than the PTO's account.

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