Question: PTSO President not following By-Laws, how do I present this to the rest of the Board?

I am the Treasurer for our PTSO and a Corp. Accountant. I have served at other schools in the same district and we had a few issues but nothing like I am seeing at this school. I have discovered on numerous occasions that one of the Co-President is not following the By-Laws and is making decisions without the Boards knowledge. The two Co-Presidents and myself are the only people on the board that have been on a board before and the others do not seem to understand what is going on. The Principal is very concerned and now that she is upset with me other parents and the principal have shared that the same thing happened last year. I just want to follow the rules and make sure we all understand them. My name is on the bank account as the Treasurer and I cannot risk my livelihood and reputation. I need help in presenting this to the other board members to educate them on what has transpired and what the rules are.

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CherylB writes:
You may want to suggest that you all take a look at your bylaws together and see if there is "anything that needs to be updated" There may be board members that have not looked at the bylaws so this would be a great opportunity to have every one go over them without pointing fingers. Good luck-Cheryl PTO Today

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