Question: Tresurer not paying bills in a timely manner

I am the President of the PTO at my son's school. As most presidents, I'm sure, I have been trying to remain very positive. I am usually a direct person but am having a real issue with our treasurer. She does not pick up bills, bank statements,etc. from the school in a timely manner. Bills have gone unpaid for months. I realize that people are busy but this looks bad for our organization. Please advise on how to handle this. I am getting extremely upset.

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Community Advice

BP Treasurer writes:
I would have a one on one face to face meeting and ask if there is a problem. Let the treasurer know that bills to be paid timely. Does the treasurer present financial statements at monthly meetings. The statements should be complete, accurate and reconciled to the bank statements. If your treasurer is not up for the job perhaps she needs to step down and let someone else step in.

Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Do you have monthly meetings? How about meeting before or after for about 15 -30 minutes so you can review mail and outstanding bills. Make sure the checkbook is with the treasurer when you meet and have the bills addressed/paid then. Try to find out if anything is going on -- maybe the position more demanding than she originally anticipated. Maybe you can start looking for another person to work with her or take over the following year. Also, your board might review what is considered a “timely manner” for payment of bills. Some people need things spelled out for them. And it may be a good time to review the duties of each of the board members. Plus if the treasurer cannot meet the requirements of the office, it will be easier to have a conversation about asking her to step down if necessary. Good luck!

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