Question: Properly insured?

We are trying to purchase a "Bounce House", inflatable jumping pillow that is enclosed. We have "Silver" coverage through PTO Today, if we own the bounce house and someone is injured, are we covered with this insurance for liability purposes?

Asked by jhicken



Advice from PTO Today

pmullen writes:
Use of a bounce house is covered only if held at a facility with appropriate coverage or through a vendor with appropriate coverage and names the PTO group as an additional insured. An individually owned bounce house would not be covered since the PTO group is neither a facility or a vendor. We have found that most PTOs rent a bounce house for a particular event. This may be the best route to go. Should you choose to rent a bounce house, below are the guidelines, taken from the PTO Today website, you will need to follow in order to have insurance coverage. For the following activities to be covered by your insurance they must have supervision and be held at a facility that has appropriate insurance or with a vendor who has appropriate insurance and names your parent group as an additional insured. Alcohol, when served at functions Bounce Houses Dunking Booths Inflatable Slides Moon Walks Rock Climbing Walls Skating Rink (Roller and Ice) Ski School/Programs Swim Parties

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