Question: Can a current PTO elect run for a new open position? Do they give up theirs?

Can a current PTO board member run for a new open position on the board? If so, do they have to give up their position to do so? Or if they win, do we then hold another election for their newly opened position? How do you handle this is a good way so it is fair to all because someone may want their new position first instead of the positions currently open. we don't want a vicious cycle here. Thanks!

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coyotes writes:
It depends on how your bylaws are written but most positions are open for nominees at the same time and s/he cannot "hold" a position. This means, s/he cannot run for the position she wants and leave the other on the back burner in case s/he loses. All positions are up for grabs at the same time. Even the position s/he currently has should be open to all for nomination.

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