Question: Bylaw Changes

We voted in our bylaws last year to keep $5000 in the PTO checking account at all times. I think this is too large of an amount to keep on hand. I think $2500 would be sufficent; do we just make a motion to change this amount at one of our meeting and if it is seconded that is all we need?

Asked by tracyb



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
If you actually adopted it into your bylaws, check to see whether the bylaws spell out the process for amending them. If they don't include a process, you need a two-thirds vote to change the rule. If the $5,000 rule is just a policy (also called standing rule) and not written into the bylaws, then you just need a majority vote to change it. When you do change it, I would recommend making the new amount a written rule but not including it in the bylaws. You want to make the amount easier to change if you happen to hit a shortfall.

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