Question: No Board in Place for the Fall

No recruitment attempts were made by the out-goin PTO, all but one of whom were not returning for next year. At the close of school, I was appointed "chairman" by ballot so that the organization does not dissolve. Adding to the challenges, we are also starting as a new K-2 school (we were preK-6) & getting a new principal. I sent last-minute flyers home with students & have received some inquiries. How do I go about getting a Board in place? What are my fiduciary duties?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Recruit people who are interested to help you plan over the summer. If you can, hold a welcome event to let parents get to know each other. Use that opportunity to have information and sign-up forms for the PTO available. One advantage of a "new" school is that you can focus on building school spirit and community at the beginning of the year. That will help make the PTO a positive focal point. Hold officer elections at your first meeting of the year. If you have to, recruit people personally at that first event. I'd also recommend a volunteer pledge program like 2 Hour Power. It's a great way to get people interested in the PTO without being afraid of a big commitment. Regarding fiduciary duties, it depends on how your group is organized. If it's incorporated, there is annual paperwork that needs to be filed; check with your state's corporations department or the secretary of state's office. If your group is a registered 501c3 charity, you need to file form 990 ez or 990-n. Good luck!

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