Question: Difficult member wants to run for president

We have a paid PTO member who has never participated in our PTO or functions and has only come to two PTO meetings. At the meetings said member proceeds to tell us how they thinks things should be and does not exept no or even a voice of concern for an answer or I nto consideration. When the outcome did not go their way said member proceeded to huff and puff and was rude to our parents who voiced their concern on said members idea. Now said member has proceeded to inform PTO that they are now wanting to run for president. A good majority of our standing officers and chairmen have spoken and said if said member becomes president they will not be returning to our PTO. My question is, do we have to add her on the ballot or can we turn her offer to run down due to the fact of the conflict said member has caused and all our officers and chairmen that will leave?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Check your bylaws. Sometimes, bylaws require dues to be paid up to run for office. That's probably your only leverage, but unfortunately it's not very strong. The alternative is to let her be on the ballot but make sure she doesn't get elected. It sounds like there aren't many, if any, people inclined to vote for her anyway. Another possibility, which I wouldn't discount from your description, is that she's happy to complain but isn't likely to take on the kind of workload it takes to be president. In that case, she'll continue to complain but back out at the last minute. Good luck!

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