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What are some ways that PTO's have chosen room reps for class rooms? some of our classes will get many volunteers and others none. how do you pick from a huge list

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lsas3b writes:
We do a lotto system for each class, pull a name out of a hat. We also ask if anyone is willing to be roomparent to a class their child is not in, and if yes then we will put them with another teacher if they are not chosen for their own students class. When it was not by lotto, it seemed that that same people got picked over and over, they were known as interested and responsible, but then no one else got a chance, this seems to work best.

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illb214eva writes:
We also do a lotto system, but pass the names and numbers of those interested (but not chosen) to the elected room parent to call upon when he/she needed additional assistance.

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