Question: Deposit Notice Form Trouble

How do you handle a committee chair who doesn't want to fill out a deposit form? It's a fundraiser that will produce many checks and this person wants to know why they have to do the extra writing...asking if they really had to write down each check # and amount for a particular fundraiser deposit. How do you explain that this is an important part of the process w/o offending this person and possibly losing them as the committee chair?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Tell her you need to do it for the IRS. The IRS wants to know how nonprofits raise their money. If you happen to get audited, you will need a paper trail. You might also consider finding someone who is more detail oriented to assist her. Cutting corners on a fundraiser like that can cause a lot of headaches if things get mixed up, lost, etc.

Community Advice

gjcoram writes:
Just 2 weeks ago, I got a "revised" deposit notice from my bank, showing $60 less than I deposited. Fortunately, I had a check list like the one above, and when I brought it in to the bank, it motivated them to find the stack of checks and re-add the numbers. Having the list probably got me the $60 back.

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