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Currently we have an active PTO with a non profit status and tax id. The school wants "booster" club activites, each club would have it's own fundraising activities and expenses. Should they come under the PTO umbrella or get their own tax id status?

Asked by redmarmie



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
It's a management question as much as an organizational/tax question. Would you feel comfortable taking responsibility for operating these clubs? If you could incorporate them into the PTO without losing focus on your own goals and efforts, there is some benefit in doing so. For one thing, you could coordinate fundraisers to avoid overlap and overkill. For another, you could allocate funds in an even-handed way, rather than having one club run a popular fundraiser and make more money than they need and another one strike out on their fundraiser and struggle. On the other hand, those clubs are likely to require a lot of time and attention. Do your leaders have the time and energy to deal with that? Will you be able to recruit additional leaders if you need to add to the board?

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