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Our PTO president would like to purchase a $500 refrigerator for teachers at our school. I question this move since there is already a refrigerator in the teachers lounge. There is nothing wrong with the current refrigerator. This issue arose because several teachers requested they have one on their hall instead of walking to the lounge. Is this an allowable expense? Should she (president) let parents know this before the purchase is made during a parent meeting?

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OPEMom writes:
She should absolutely bring it to a vote! We are not allowed to make any purchases without the approval of our Executive Board and all the members at our meeting. Look into your by-laws and see if there is anything about this.

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CMay2CK writes:
I agree with OPEMom. The president should not have the ability to make decisions/purchases at will. A vote should be required.

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PTOLions writes:
Our PTO is being asked to pay for computers for the teachers to use. I will assume the board will vote yes, though I disagree. I read somewhere that we need to gift it rather than make the direct purchase otherwise thebecomes fixed assets on our books, let alone our responsibility. Is this correct. I can't seem to find the article on this. Thank you!!

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