Question: Someone recorded parts of our Executive meeting

At our last Executive board meeting an adviser was recording parts of our meeting.We were unaware until the end of the meeting. I am not comfortable with the situation and I wonder how much more was recorded without our knowledge. We live in California. Unsure of what to do?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Where are your board meetings held? Are they public and at the school or private -- open to board members and invited guests only? I'm not sure you can do anything at this point, after the fact, about the recording that was made. You could probably enforce a "no recording" rule at future meetings, but that might seem a little odd if your meetings are at the school and open to the public. Did you ask the adviser why he recorded the meeting? It's a fairly inefficient way to remember what was said -- it's a full record but it's hard to find the exact information you want on a recording and it takes time to listen to it. Maybe you could compromise by taking more detailed minutes to help everyone.

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