Question: Uploading to Finance Manager

Can I upload Quick Books or Excel files into Finance Manager? I'd like to start using Finance Manager now (mid-year), but I'd prefer to not have to input all of our information/transactions since 7/1/11.

Asked by HeidiWatkinsDCG



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Finance Manager allows you to export information to an Excel spreadsheet, but it does not allow you to import information. If you need additional help with this, don't hesitate to call our customer support folks at 800-644-3561, either X209 (Sue) or x230 (Cheryl). Good luck!

Community Advice

daddario writes:
Hi, guys! Any ideas is it possible to upload information i PDF format? I can use some online converter. You just upload your Excel file, and they spit out a shiny new PDF. Also, for those who prefer third-party software, I've heard good things about tools like and CutePDF. They provide additional features and might be worth exploring for those with specific needs. However, I'm curious to know if any of you have other go-to methods or alternative tools for this task.

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