Question: Giving money to Academic Team

It was very heated discussion and before I knew it someone motioned to give $2500 to them and a second motion was made but I the presiden did not call for a vote and it was not on the agenda for that night is that legal?

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rm9116 writes:
If there was no vote, then you do still have a motion on the table that you have to address next meeting. Verify with the secretary that the minutes reflect that the motion did not lead to a vote (yet), and without approval from the group, make sure that the treasurer knows that the funds cannot be paid out of the account. For our group, we try to put information into the agenda but we don't want to be so legalistic that we can't address an urgent need if it's not on the agenda. I'd be more concerned that there was no final vote on your issue - that's the part that has to happen before funds are released.

Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
I thought I would add this item which is from our story on Robert's Rules: What You Should Know. It might be of help-- A Motion: A motion is a formal way to propose something on which the group should vote. The proposer says, “I move that...” and clearly states what is being considered. Someone else “seconds” the motion. Guided by the president, the group discusses the motion until they are ready to vote. Finally, the president asks for an indication of “all those in favor” followed by “those opposed.” There is no need to ask for “abstentions” (those who choose not to vote at all), because abstentions are not counted toward the outcome of the motion.

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