Question: Involvement of Principals Family

the husband of our principal wants to run for treasurer of the PTO. alot of folks think this is wrong but nothing exists in the bylaws to preclude it. looking for advice on how to prevent this other than the obvious (have someone run against him). clearly the principal would then control the pursestrings...

Asked by chickaseau



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CMay2CK writes:
Is the principal a parent as well? In my opinion, if she is not, then her husband does not have the right to run anyway. What do your bylaws say about eligibility? Have any teacher's husbands held officer positions? If she is a parent, I'm not entirely sure what else you can do besides have someone run against him.

Community Advice

badpants writes:
That scenario has disaster written all over it and I can appreciate you wanting to avoid it. Our parent group by-laws specifically state that any member, in good standing, can be elected to office. For us, a member is specifically a parent (or legal guardian) and good standing is that they have paid their $10 dues for the year. I don't know what kind of time frame you have, but if you could ammend your by-laws, you would certainly have the support. If not, then getting someone to run against would be your best option. And then your first order of business can be to ammend your by-laws.

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