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I am not a PTO member any longer. My children are all grown. But I try to keep up to date on parents concerns because I run a women's enrichment program at the local Salvation Army. Many of the women's concerns are child related as are many of the fund raisers we do on a monthly basis. We are thinking of holding our first craft fair this year at the same time as our bi-annual blood drive. I am thinking of advertising a discounted rate per table, maybe ($20 vs $25) for anyone who donates blood. What would you think if you got an invitation that said something like that? Just curious.

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mum24kids writes:
If I were trying to sell stuff as a crafter, I don't think I would want to take time during the selling time to donate blood. And time before the sale would be too hectic with trying to get set up. But it would depend on how many people I have to help me and whether I've had adverse reactions to donating blood before. A $5 discount wouldn't motivate me. But if you kept the blood donation time extended after the event for the people with tables, that might work for those who are inclined to donate anyway and appreciate the convenience of it being right there where they are.

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Rose H writes:
Hi Eeyores friend,
I'm with mum24kids on this one. It's wonderful that you are doing a blood drive, but not sure an incentive with the table discount would work with the crafters. It's mixing two really different things together. But, again, kudos for doing the blood drive!

Rose c.

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