Question: PTO position statement on education Budget

Can a PTO that has 501C3 status send out through the schools a document that states a position on the education budget and how they want people to vote for this budget?

Asked by robinar



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
You are really better off not taking a strong position on this issue. As it stands, a group with a 501c(3) status absolutely can not support a particular political candidate. It gets a little fuzzy around the matter of political issues, as in your group could hold an educational night on a particular issue and some lobbying for a cause (as opposed to a candidate), but it can lead to problems because your group technically represents a wide range of parents who many or may not share your position on a particular issue. For example, if you were to send out a position letter, you could get some angry parents responding back to you that they don't agree and don't want you speaking for them. 

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