Question: Power of officers

Over the past few years our PTO has been steadily falling apart. Our president had no scheduled meetings, parents and teachers were not informed of anything and we lost our tax ID status. At the end of the year letters were sent home to parents concerning election of the next year officers. Each parent could come in to the school office and cast votes. Our four new officers are now in place and the president and vice president have taken it upon themselves to write all new bilaws. They have been having closed meetings discussing these bilaws and have even taken it upon themselves to nominate a fifth officer, "parent representative". (who is the vicepresident's daughter-in-law). Now for the question, do they have the authority to completely restructure the PTO themselves? They have only had one meeting in which they allowed parents and teachers to attend. They did discuss new bilaws but did not allow discussion from the members. They did bring up the policy that they felt only officers should be given the authority to vote on future decisions concerning funds or events.

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