Question: Inactive PTO Dilemma

Hi! I am the exiting president of our PTO. Due to a lack of parent participation overall and no volunteers stepping up for board positions, we had to disband the PTO for the upcoming school year. We voted to go inactive at our last meeting of the year and voted on how we would spend the remaining funds. We left a small buffer in case a PTO is formed in the future. After a notification was sent out to the school, we had a couple of people step up for board positions. We don't have time to hold a special meeting before the end of the year. What do I do?

Asked by MaureenRem



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi MaureenRem,
Are you saying you don't have time for a special meeting for elections? You can check your bylaws and look for what is outlined for elections, and hopefully there is some provision to allow folks to step up if no one else is willing to do so. If there's no mention in the bylaws, then the question is, do you want to go forward with these folks who are willing to take it on or disband the PTO entirely? Seems like it makes sense to go with the folks willing to take it on.

When does your school year wrap up? You probably have time to get the word out to parents about your good news via email or even a hardcopy note to parents!

Rose C.

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