Question: No Board Members Reelected/Elected

Our PTO of 5 years had its annual election meeting. No nominations were made so no positioned were filled. The remaining board members either resigned or their terms have expired. How do we keep this PTO going until a more membership can step up and take on the executive positions?

Asked by ridgeladyva



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Ridgeladyva,
For starters, are there any of the remaining board members who may be willing to continue on until new folks step up? In the meantime, you can identify the key tasks that must get done -- you need someone handling the finances and someone handling some of the president's duties -- running meetings at a minimum -- and reach out to some of the key volunteers to see if some folks would be willing to help out on those key areas. This isn't optimal, but it keep your group going. You can then keep reaching out for volunteers who may take one of the board positions officially.

Also, you can try holding a casual get together for parents and brainstorm how to build up your board. You might find a few people who would be willing to co-chair a position, for example.

Good luck!
Rose C.

Community Advice

firefighter464 writes:
First off, what you absolutely must do is find a way to absolutely secure your PTO checkbook and if you have any automatic income coming in (E-scripts or pending BoxTops checks, etc.) whoever the last treasurer was along with maybe 2 witnesses needs to accomplish somehow securing everything with your bank. Not sure exactly what you should do, Rose should know. But absolutely secure your bank accounts. As soon as you are done reading this.

Our PTO went 'dormant' (did not dissolve, for matters of convenience for next PTO volunteers/new officers to hopefully come along and pick up where we left off.) And evidently the old officers were trusted with the checkbook to secure it/hand it over when newbies wanted to restart it. I would NOT recommend that. Security far outweighs convenience. Also, the best would be to allocate where to spend the remaining money and close the accounts or follow bylaws if you have them for dissolving and that usually says who you turn the leftover money to, most likely the school. And, as I said, remember any automatic incoming funds.
Do all of this sooner rather than later. In our case, the resigned officers kept writing checks for things while PTO was supposed to be completely dormant and the school which was a separate entity also somehow scooped up 2 of our BoxTops checks and spent them while we were dormant, even though the checks were written payable to the PTO.

And yes, good luck!

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