Question: Unprofessional PTO President

What do when the PTO President has no clue what she is doing and has a budget that we cannot meet because all the fundraisers did not raise any money? She has no clue on how to have a fundraiser that will raise money and states "these are the ones that we have alway done". Now this PTO has no money and she has no clue what to do. The PTO Board is divided by race and no one is stepping up to do anything. The Board members even did a opt-out and don't sell anything for the fundraisers. This is a ship going down fast. The principal of the school is no help because she is too busy bullying her staff.

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Community Advice

mum24kids writes:
Perhaps at the next meeting, when the treasurer's report is presented, you could point out that the organization is short on funds and suggest some activities that could be done at a very low cost. For example, we do an international night which pretty much consists of people getting to sample foods that families have brought in to share, and watching music and dance performances--some of the performances are arranged by the music and PE teachers, some are just things that the families do on their own. Or you can pay for a movie license for a year, and have 3 or 4 family movie nights. Our PTO tried a fundraiser this year that really didn't work as well as we had hoped, but parents were getting tired of the same old, same old, so we decided that we would just make do with what we got and concentrate on low cost activities that would promote community building.

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