Question: Board Decisions

What type of decisions should be voted on by the board? What things do not require agreement or a vote but a decision by the president(s).

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
The board's responsibilities are usually outlined in a group's bylaws. Generally speaking, the board meets to discuss the overall running of the group, including administrative issues, updates on programs, fundraising, and planning, and any issues that arise that may be controversial or problematic. The board may take votes and search for consensus on these types of issues, but it wouldn't be voting on things such as, say, what type of spring fundraiser to hold. (Unless that was in the bylaws).The president's responsibilities are similarly outlined in the bylaws. The president helps sets the tone of the group, speaks on behalf of the group at public events, and is in place to help guide volunteers and parents. The president shouldn't be making policy-changing decisions on his or her own.

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