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Are there any parents who have daughters between the ages of (11-15) years of age who would like to see their daughters get involved with social-life skill programs that engage them in communication, exercise, recreational, healthy eating, career exploration, and character education activities? It just seems to me that in this new technology age that we live in our children are exposed to more self-involved technology related inactive activities!! Nothing wrong with technology, I'd just love to see more positive, wholistic interaction between teens!!

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mum24kids writes:
That's one of the reasons why my daughters are all Girl Scouts. But I would also say that this is both a boy and girl issue....

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rjliteracy writes:
I am glad to hear that your daughters participate in the Girl Scouts program, and you are so right that this is an issue that affects girls and boys.

The reason that I focused on young girls is that I am an educator that works with many young females in my classes, and during the summer months I tutor students in reading & reading related subjects. But, this summer I really want to do more to help students in the area of social-life skills!! As an educator, I enjoy seeing students communicating with each other, social interacting, sharing thoughts & ideas and being friendly and polite with each other.. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!

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Andrea Pastore writes:
What activités do your daughters friends participate in? Does your local church offer family events? Maybe as a family you all could volunteer one evening a month at a food pantry or locale humane society walking and caring for pets. Some activities incorporate family values and can also be fun. Consider seasonal opportunities as a source of some events and activities. For example in the fall carving pumpkins or going on a hay ride. Can the girls swim? local pools often have time in their schedule for "family swims". I agree that the Girl Scouts offer socialization, support and foundation. Family time is the opportunity to create memories that will last for years to come.

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daddario writes:
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