Question: School Board Permission

My local board requires the PTO to submit a request and obtain board approval prior to undertaking any activity to benefit students. Is this legal

Asked by s_o_taylor



Community Advice

mum24kids writes:
You don't say whether you are an independent organization from the school, and the relationship between the board and the principal, but in general, PTO events/fundraising need to at least have some kind of buy in from the principal. Having the local board approve everything seems cumbersome on the surface (can't comment on legality--it's possible your local board may have some written regulations about this). On the other hand, if you do a budget for the year, and the board approves your budget, that would seem to cover everything and it's just a one time process (unless you have a significant deviation from the budget). So, you might want to consider enlisting your principal's help to navigate this.

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