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the whole board is new this year and we are having an issue on what is voted on.. We were at a special meeting and discussed having a fall carnival and we were all in agreement with it..but we dont know if it was offically voted on. now a mom and the princapal think that we are taking on to much and want to know if we voted on it..I know that we had all agreeded to have it but if it wasnt offically voted on can we still do it or do we need to have a special meeting again and ahve a vote. we are down to only 2 people on the board and not sure who is a trustee and how many we have.. to even vote on it...everything is a mess because the president decided that she didnt want to be on the board anymore and now we look like we dont know what we are doing but the 2 of us do now what to do as far as our jobs and we are trying to learn what the presidents job is too.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
You were operating by consensus. Lots of boards do this, and in my opinion the situation you describe is equivalent to a vote. You all agreed to move forward with this project, and everybody's understanding was that it had been approved. The fact that you were working somewhat informally doesn't make it any less valid. Best case scenario in this situation is that someone is taking minutes and you record in the minutes that the project has been approved. As you move forward, you should consider adding that function to your board meetings if you don't have it already.

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